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Dedicated to Maintaining and Expanding Sustainable Trails for Equestrian use.

the great Little Marco, may he RIP.

TROT BOARD Meeting - the first Wednesday of the month unless noted - pot luck at 6:00, meeting at 7:00 - Ask Gale Monahan - 301-854-3852 or email for location or Conference call attendance.

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See our 2016 ride calendar or contact Barbara Sollner-Webb 301-604-5619. We have an active trail maintenance program which we encourage you to join. Email Amy Kimble for details.

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TROT was founded in 1980 by a group of 22 riders seeking to save a trail in the Paint Branch Stream Valley of Eastern Montgomery County Maryland. TROT grew as word of its efforts spread and as it became evident that trails throughout the state were in jeopardy. TROT's mission is to preserve existing equestrian trails and establish new trails throughout Maryland and neighboring states.

We are proud of our park map coverage. Our park mapping project has .gpx and .kmz files on about a dozen parks. That means you can google earth these trails. There are more traditional trail maps for another dozen parks. For instance we just added maps and information links for West Friendship Park. We invite your contributions to our archives; either gps files or plain maps are welcome. Just email them over.

Not only that but many club members who are knowledgable about specific parks have volunteered to serve as park guides if you'd like to ride these parks. See our Trail Guides PDF file for available guides. What a great resource for our club!!

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Playing in the Patapsco River on horseback If you enjoy riding horses on trails in Maryland, want to learn about great places to ride and would like to see these trails remain open to all riders, then you'll want to join TROT, the Trail Riders of Today. To see the scope of our activites, please see our accomplishments in recent years. Dues remain $20 per year for an individual or a family. Show your support for preservation of equestrian trails. You can renew your membership online using PayPal or your credit card. See the membership page to join/renew/contribute.

We have a balanced calendar filled with interesting rides and other activities all over the state. We are developing an information resource about equestrian trails; to include directions, maps and resource guides. We maintain awareness of and educate our members concerning active trail issues since there always seems to be threats to the equestrian way of life.

If you wish to comment on the site or problems with it, report broken links or just make a suggestion, then please contact our webmaster. And do consider joining TROT; membership information is online.

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  • The Maryland Trail Riders group is for equestrians who want to share information and news about Maryland trails, find a trail riding buddy, arrange transportation to a trail ride or other horse miscellania relating to trail riding in the state.
  • The TROT members group is a low volume group for TROT members to share information about upcoming events, the preservation of equestrian trails and other relevant club information.

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