Trail Riders of Today; Horseback riding on trails in Maryland
Dedicated to Maintaining and Expanding Sustainable Trails for Equestrian use.

Membership Information   
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Membership in TROT is a bargain with many benefits. If you are interested in riding horses on trails in Maryland and would like to insure that these trails remain open to all riders, please consider becoming a member.
  • Dues are a nominal $20 per family, per year.
  • Contributing Membership $30 per year.
  • Sustaining Membership $50 per year.
  • TROT is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization; therefore, additional contributions are tax deductible.
  • TROT membership cards are honored for discounts at many area tack shops. These include Carroll County Tack, Everything Equestrian, Maple Leaf Tack, Outback Tack, Stablemates, The Surrey and Woodland Tack.

You may now JOIN or RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP ONLINE. It takes minutes!! First choose your preferred membership option below and hit the BUY NOW BUTTON. You will be taken to a PAYPAL page where you can either pay through your paypal account (login to paypal directly) or use your own credit card. (Use the 'pay with DEBIT or CREDIT card' button on the paypal page bottom). Upon confirmation of your payment the Membership Registrar will send you an email form to be completed and returned.

If you prefer to make payment by snail mail use this alternate form which you can print and send to the address below with your payment. Note that there is no additional cost for a family membership.

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If you would like to make an additional, greatly appreciated, contribution to TROT press the CONTRIBUTE button below. You will be taken to a PAYPAL page where you enter the $ amount of your contribution and then either enter your credit card information or login to paaypal.
Of course you may still send us a check payable to Trail Riders of Today. Just download and fill out the membership application. Send completed form and payment to:

TROT Membership
PO Box 506
Highland, MD 20777