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Editor: Suzanne Anderson
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November 2000 Electronic Edition Number 126

Shopping for the Holidays

I love shopping by catalog, and I really love the mail order firms that have Web pages. Often I'll be able to find a better photograph of the item to help me make my decision. And, thus far (knock on wood), I've had not problems arise from ordering online.

So, I wanted to share with you some of the many catalogs I get, along with their 800 numbers and Websites. Remember, this is just a partial list of catalogs. Happy Shopping! Suzanne

Trail's End: Taking care of you for the long run (800) 483-6927

Running Bear Farm, Inc.: Trail riding tack and accessories for the pleasure, competitive and endurance rider and horse. (800) 533-BEAR

Two Horse Enterprises: T.H.E. source for trail riding & horse camping information & items. (510) 657-5239

SPORTACK: Everything for the performance horse and rider (800) 248-8225

Back in the Saddle: Gifts and apparel for horse lovers (800) 865-2478

The Australian Connection: Supplier of fine endurance equipment (800) 847-8521

Breakthrough: Books on Horses (800)276-8419

Valley Vet Supply: Bringing superior values on products for you pets, horses, farm, ranch, or home (800) 350-4838

State Line Tack: We make riding more affordable. (800) 228-9208

Equine Discount USA: Supplying the finest and

most complete collection of Equine products online (800)582-8060

American Livestock Supply, Inc., Horse Products Catalog: Serving the animal health industry since 1971. (800) 356-0700

Wiese: Equine Style and Supply (800) 869-4373

LINKS to several trail riding suppliers:


by Mary Angevine (301-931-0014)

In spite of the long pause between my articles, there is always something brewing with respect to our Countywide trails plan.

Fairland Regional Park is a constant target for changes. See the special report on this park on page 3.

Riders from the Cedarville area have been in touch with me. There are questions about the rubblefill impact, and time lines on implementation of Master Plan outlines.

Henson Creek Multi-user Trail has come into some money for completion to the Potomac River. Meetings are ongoing with regard to surfaces, staging area, and alignment along the River.

Our County portion of the Potomac Heritage Trail has been settled for the bicyclists (on road portion), and a beautiful map is ready for the printer. Most of the natural surface area is owned by various park authorities, but has yet to be formally worked out for use by riders other than contiguous landowners. The WB&A Rail-to-Trail conversion has been completed (mounting blocks excepted), and the dedication is set for November 4. Much appreciation is extended to Morris Warren for his total dedication to this project (travel nationwide for comparisons, meetings with the Governor, calls for letters at strategic times), and Renee Albecete, Landscape Architect with M-NCPPC, for his foresight and thorough approach to this difficult project. All County riders are indebted to our own Bowie members, as well as those of the Free State Riding Club, especially Briavael Cianelli (for giving the trail suggestion to Bruce Hancock, then M-NCPPC trail coordinator), Arlene Hall, Teresa Hansen, Toni Bongers, Lee Poore, and Sherry Maratta (for their continuing willingness to stand up as needed), and the many others who testified for this trail at the Bowie Master Plan hearing so many years ago.

Search Team Speaks to PathFinders

On October 14, Kathy Dobson and Bill Mitchell to spoke to a group of over 200 children (boys and girls) and adults from the Chesapeake Conference Pathfinders Club at McKeldin of Patapsco Valley State Park. Kathy and Bill spent some time telling them about the history of TROT before going into detail about the TROT Search Team. The Search Team's training and testing required of people and horses were described, and the equipment carried was displayed. The special tack to carry it all was modeled by Kathy's horse and Bill's horse.

Kathy and Bill also discussed in general terms some of the searches the Team has been called to and the part we play with other search resources.

Kathy's friend Donna McCullough, a Volunteer Ranger with the Patapsco Valley State Park Volunteer Mounted Patrol, was also present. She spoke about the training, testing, equipment and 100 hours a year of volunteer work required of their members.

Kathy and Bill also gave the Pathfinders suggestions on how to avoid becoming lost and what to do if they were lost (stay in one place!).

The group was very appreciative and presented us with a plaque reading:

Fairland Regional Park Report

On August 31, Mary Angevine met with two members of the Mid-Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts (MORE), 4 members of the Montgomery County Parks Department, 3 members of the Prince George's County Parks Department, and John Angevine, who had just ridden the equestrian trails at Fairland Regional Park. This meeting was scheduled in response to a proposal by MORE to "officially" designate and "upgrade" trails on the Montgomery County portion of this bi-county Park.

MORE's local representative has been reporting to both Counties' officials that no horseback riding had been going on in the Park for two years. While we in TROT know that this information is in error, we do know that the horses have been small in number for that period of time.

Because of MORE's statements, several riders were asked to submit a letter to me regarding their interest in Fairland's trails. Fourteen riders followed through, and I was able to present their letters at the August 31 meeting.

Montgomery County has agreed to upgrade ½ mile of trail into the Park from a point along Greencastle Road. This will entail providing funds from the Capital Improvement Program ( a possible public hearing); studies by environmentalists, planning by a trail designer; and formal implementation of the segment.

Several public hearings will most likely be held (at each stage??).

Montgomery County said that they maintain only trails that have been "officially" designated. However, they did seem to agree with the informal agreement that trails in use would be honored for continued use.

In addition to MORE's proposal discussion, we learned that Mr. Gould is going forward with his plan (and sell off after acceptance) to develop his contiguous property, trading off some Parkland for other acreage on his property, and enlarging the footprint of the golf course. Discussion brought out the fact that all trails may end up superimposed on the golf cart paths!!

Mr. Don Cochran, of M-NCPPC/Montgomery County, makes the final decision with respect to that County's trade, and Ms. Mary Wells-Harley makes Prince George's County's M-NCPPC decision.

Please make a point of speaking to your elected representatives on this matter. Does Ms. Marilyn Praisner still represent that area in Montgomery County? In Prince George's County, Mr. Mike Maloney is the Councilman (phone 301-952-3887).

If you would like to share your views on the land swap with me, send your notes to me, Mrs. Mary Angevine, TROT Coordinator, Prince George's County, P.O. Box 1069, Beltsville, MD 20704.

In Memorium

Don't cry for the horses that life has set free.
A million white horses forever to be.

Don't cry for the horses now in God's hand.
As they dance and they prance in a heavenly band.

They were ours as a gift, but never
to keep.
As they close their eyes forever to sleep.

Their spirits unbound. On silver wings they fly.
A million white horses against the blue sky.

Look up into heaven, you'll see them above.
The horses we lost, the horses we loved.

Manes and tails flowing as they gallop through time.
They were never yours —they were never mine.

Don't cry for the horses. They'll be back someday.
When our time is gone, they will show us the way.

Do you hear that soft nicker? Close to your ear?
Don't cry for the horses. Love the ones that are here.

We miss you Murphy. Love, Frank, Suzanne, and Bos


FOR SALE—1988 Nissan Maxima. "Mommy's Baby" has been lovingly and carefully ridden and maintained. Mechanically sound. Very clean. Flashy palomino with leather saddles. $2900 to good home. Jim 410-489-7743.

FOR SALE—Saddles. Passier dressage, 16-inch, barely used, $1200. Also, Whippy 16½-inch general purpose, high cantle, excellent condition, $700. Call Franky 410-489-7743.

FOR SALE—1968 Jeep Super Wagoneer. Runs well. Needs muffler and brakes. Great restoration project. Asking $3000. Call Jim 410-489-7743.

FOR SALE—Western saddle, 15-inch seat, brown, good condition, $100. Black plastic trail bridle, new, used twice, $40. 3 Western saddle pads, $15 each. Call Debbie at 410-795-0614.

BOARDING—Boyds, MD. Also, horses to lease and lessons offered. 5000 acres. Call 301-540-5433.

BOARDING—Field available. $600 for entire field Boarding rates negotiable. Space for 3 animals on 3½ acres, divided into 2 pastures with large gates (for trailers). Run-in barn. Convenient tack/storage area, ½ mile ride to WSSC trails. Call Sara Cumberland 301-384-5547 or e-mail at

WANTED—ATTN: Trail Riders. Looking for a few good people in the southwestern part of Howard County! Do you trail ride in the areas bordering Schooley Mill Park, Mink Hollow Road, Route 108 in Highland and Brighton Dam Road? If so, I'd like to meet you and share trail talk. I'm hoping to get some trail maintenance going for this extensive trail system of private trails. Many of these trails have fallen into serious disrepair. This part of the County is heavily populated with horse farms, so I know you're out there. If you are interested in learning the trails, possibly helping out once or twice a year, or would just like to get to know your trail riding neighbors, please call Debbie Fountain at 301-854-3345 as soon as possible.

BOARDING—Trail rider wanted. 12x14 box stall available in West Laurel, off of Rt. 198. Safe, short ride through neighborhood to miles of trails around Rocky Gorge Reservoir. Other TROT members in area, one at this barn who is available to ride every weekend, some week days. Full board $350/month. Daily turnout in beautiful pasture with trees. Call Keven Ofenstein at 301-490-1485.

FOR SALE—Woodstove: Englander AirTight, with catalytic converter. Excellent condition. $500 OBO. 301-627-6797.

WANTED: Newsletter Editor

Guess what gang? I've been doing the TROTNews for 7 years now! But I think it's about time for someone new to take a turn. Here's what I think is needed:

Willingness. I need a volunteer (don't worry, friends, I'm not going to telephone folks and twist arms, at least not yet). TROT needs someone who is willing to put out 12 or more pages of newsletter material every other month (January, March, May, July, September, November), and stick with it for a few years.

A computer. I am using a PC at home, with a nice laser jet printer and WordPerfect 8.0 as the word processing package.

An interest. As newsletter editor, you get to know about all the interesting issues facing our County Coordinators, check out the scheduled rides long before anyone else, see maps of bridle paths in public parks, and be in on the latest developments of projects like the GPS mapping of trails.

I will provide full instructions on how I currently go about making up the newsletter, from margins and font sizes to the names of folks who regularly submit articles and who does our printing. I can supply the past several newsletters on floppies, as well as the TROT logo that appears on the first page. I have paper files for all the back issues of the newsletter I have done, but you'd probably only want a few of the recent ones. I'd better call Karen Alexander about archiving the rest. And I have Clip Art books as well as floppies and CDs from Owl Mountain Graphics, the folks who bring us the cute horses such as the fellow with the notepad.

So, feel you're good with words? Can express yourself clearly? Have you been a TROT member for a while and weren't sure what you could do to help out? Or have you just joined and want to dive right in? You're just the person I'm looking for. Please give me a call and let's talk! (301-829-3881)

Thanks to everyone who over the years have expressed how much they like my issues of the newsletter. I have enjoyed doing it, but really, it's someone else's turn now. Suzanne

I have agreed to be the Chairman of the TROT Booth for the next Horse World Expo. Therefore, I am soliciting suggestions for changes/improvements. What would you like to see emphasized in the booth? Do you have some item we could display to attract attention our way? Please remember the size will probably be 10' x 10', so space is at a premium.

Also, if you plan to attend this event anyway, can you find an hour to volunteer to help man the booth?

Feel free to contact me at:

Phone - 410-795-4262
E-mail -

Janet Breeding

Horse trailer overturns on Leesburg Bypass

By Jon Echtenkamp

October 4, 2000, Loudon Times Mirror

A horse trailer carrying two horses came unhitched from a Ford Explorer on the Leesburg Bypass Sunday morning and overturned. Police accident investigators checked a flattened Firestone tire on the Ford's front right wheel but ruled it out as a cause of the crash, according to Leesburg Police Department spokeswoman Lt. Cathy Polen. The tire, a Firestone Wilderness AT, was flat, but its tread did not appear to have separated from the tire. Reports in national media have indicated that accidents involving Firestone tires have been caused when the tread separated from the tires under certain conditions.

The accident happened at about 9:15 a.m. Sunday as the sport utility vehicle was traveling on the Leesburg Bypass about two-tenths of a mile north of West Market Street, Polen said. The horse trailer began to fishtail back and forth, causing the Explorer to go out of control as the trailer then came unhitched and overturned at the side of the road, Polen said. The Ford received about $4,000 damage, and the trailer was destroyed.

The driver of the Ford, Susan Kvanskickia, 43, of Sterling, was not injured and was not charged in the accident, Polen said.

The horses were sedated by a veterinarian [from Blue Ridge] and extracted from the trailer. They were able to walk to a horse ambulance and were taken to the Morven Park Equine Medical Center.

My daughter was riding with Sue when the trailer overturned. They were heading to Frying Pan Park to school over the cross country course. Both horses belong to Sue.

FYI, the horses are mother and son which probably played a part in how well both horses fared. The son (Appaloosa) managed to stand up in the overturned trailer without putting his weight on his mother. Both horses are very attached to each other and the gelding is extremely protective of his mother. Through it all, the trailer breaking loose, flipping over and sliding on its side, and then being trapped in such close quarters for over an hour, each horse received one cut requiring stitches and/or staples, several superficial cuts, and some sore muscles. Needless to say, things could have been much worse!

The Equine Center at Morven Park did respond with a vet and vet student. I don't know the level of their training on horse rescue but both appeared knowledgeable and provided invaluable assistance with the removal of the two horses. They both stayed with the horses throughout their treatment and recovery. They even stopped by the next afternoon to say their "Goodbyes" before the horses were released.

The one thing that became obvious very quickly was the amazing offering of assistance from everyone on the road that morning and the unbelievable number of horse lovers in Loudoun. Two other trailers from our barn where behind Sue and everyone came to the rescue. My daughter rides Cricket, the mother, and she sat by the window talking to her and doing everything she could to keep her calm. A passerby even tried to remove the shattered window so she could have better access to Cricket. Other riders from our barn offered assistance, moral support, and comforting to Sue and finally the horses once they were removed.

Also, both horses loaded easily the next day. Cricket has never been one to like trailers so we were not surprised that she required some coaxing the next day, she always does!!
Carolyn Smith