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Editor: Suzanne Anderson
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December 2001 Electronic Edition Number 133

Potluck Dinner and Annual Meeting

Date: February 16, Saturday

Time: doors open 5:30 pm

Place: Howard Co. Fairgrounds 4-H Building

Directions: Rt. 144, 1 mile west of Rt. 32 and I-70 exit 80.

Menu: A-E Desserts

F-L Salads/Side Dishes

M-Z Main Dishes

Come join old friends and meet new ones! Bring your friends! Bring a new member! Meet your county's representatives and fellow riders, share ideas, make plans to ride new trails and revisit old ones. And come with an appetite!! I'll see you there! Suzanne

Annual Meeting 'Agenda'

The TROT Annual Meeting is a joint PotLuck and Business gathering of TROT members. While the agenda is somewhat informal, we do have several things to accomplish besides eating!

As the PotLuck dishes are set out, the County Coordinators and riders gather around different tables to introduce themselves and voice concerns or good news trail tales.

After everyone has filled their plate once, President Gale Monahan will address everyone with any special concerns or news that pertain to all present. The Treasurer and perhaps Membership will give brief reports. The SAR Team will say a few words as to their activities, and we may hear from the Mapping/GPS folks on their plans.

The really important item on the evening's agenda (no, it is not dessert) is the nomination and election of new Board Members. TROT Board members serve at least 2 years (I think that's the expected term). Their job is to meet once each month along with any other interested TROT members to discuss the business of the organization. Fundraisers like the Judged Pleasure Ride, projects like the GPS mapping, requests from other charitable organizations for support, legislation that concerns trails and trail riders (like the Sunday Hunting issue that periodically arises), Fairs and Expos to exhibit at, and most importantly, trails that are being encroached on by development, or public parks that needing to include horseback riders.

Our current Board members include: Gale Monahan, President; Tim McGrath, Vice President; Anne Bennof, Treasurer; Jack Monahan, Secretary; Kathy Dobson, Angela Klinger, Pat Merson, and Marilyn Miller. Board Members are nominated and voted on by the TROT members present at this Annual Meeting. At the next scheduled Board Meeting, the Board Members elect officers from among themselves.

The meetings are often held at Jack and Gale's house in Highland, and sometimes is moved to other locations to suit the Board members.

And the final item of the Annual Meeting (well, yes, along with dessert) is a guest speaker or presentation of some sort. For this year the special presentation has yet to be announced, so you'll just have to come find out yourself.

Prince George's Co. Comments

Mary Angevine (301-588-TROT)

First, a great big thank you to all those who have supported the effort to keep good trails in Fairland Regional Park! The current status is that the preliminary plan for the contiguous privately held parcels has ben approved by the Prince George's Planning Board. All details still to be worked out. Montgomery County is still discussing the pre-preliminary plan with the developers. Trails have been proposed by the developer that seem to be no more than changing the paved Montgomery/Prince George's bicycle trail on the outside border to be multi-use. We need something different, don't you agree? In the northern sector, there is nothing proffered that is understandable in reference to any other features of the facility. The saga continues.

Another great big thank you goes to Prince George's M-NCPPC for completing one of the loops in the woods to the south of the Ice House, and for helping me install some more yellow trail markers--both in the old section and along the new loop (more are needed there). The northern sector in Montgomery County still bears many of the white paint marks on the trees, but they are fewer than the yellow "horsehead" markers, so can be missed, but they do verify that you're on the right track. (See the updated map on page 3.)

Another word of appreciation goes out to those who have done their "horseman's duty" and contacted Fred Shaffer at the County Administrative Building to verify their trails for the new County Trails Plan he's putting together. It has been gratifying to have new riders' input this time for the central and southern areas of the county. This plan requires, as did the previous on in the middle 1980s, a public hearing. Plan to attend

this hearing, which will come up sometime in this coming year, to let the county policymakers know that you do, indeed, wish to have this plan (which will show future alignments in addition to trails in current use).

To One and All--Hope your holidays are your best yet, and that some winter riding fun comes your way!

Correction to Hunting Details

Sgt. Lloyd of the Patapsco Valley State Park gave me a call to point out an error in our front page story of the October issue. Concerning Morgan Run:

"10/17/01-1/31/02 - Hunting is allowed in certain areas Wed. through Sat. We can ride there those days, but not in marked hunting areas. Closed 11/24-12/8."

Morgan Run trails are not closed during 11/24-12/8. You just need to be aware that muzzle-load hunting is permitted in the area during this period (and also during 12/15-12/22). Interesting note: modern firearms are never allowed in Morgan Run, only the muzzle-loaders.

TROT Member's B&B makes Horse And Rider

Randi Place opened her Americana B & B early this year, and in the October 2001 issue of Horse And Rider , Americana B & B made the list of "Great Getaways." Randi's bed and breakfast offers overnight horse boarding plus direct access to miles of trails through woodlands surrounding Liberty Reservoir. Guests share this "home stay" with its four-legged residents: "Wrecks," a yellow lab, and designer cats, Rocky and Sweetpea. The farm is also home to several critters that reside outdoors: barn cats, horses, goats, and a donkey adopted from the Grand Canyon. Regular forest visitors include a hoot owl that lives in a corner of one pasture and a family of fox.

All Hail the New Web Master!

Hi, I am George Graff, the new webmaster for the TROT Website. My wife Lisa and I own a 7 acre farm in Frederick County, MD. We have 4 horses and 6 goats. This farm thing is a little new to us, and there is always so much to do in the early years of farm ownership, and sometimes the weekends when TROT schedules rides we are tied up there, but we plan to do more organized rides this spring.

I volunteered for the TROT website so that I can at least go on "virtual" rides and it blends in to what I do for living; that is as a government contractor who builds web sites for the government.

There are plans for the TROT website to have its own domain (something like, to be more interactive and dynamic, to have the trail maps available on-line, to provide web-mail for all TROT members, and generally be more flexible in its content. I changed some things on the site, have more immediate changes in mind, and welcome suggestions. Let me know if you would like to see or not to see some things on the site. Keep in mind there are some restrictions imposed upon me by the "free" domain. I always respond to email: , and telephone, 301-898-0107.
George W. Graff

Hill Testifies Before House Resources Committee

reprinted from AHC News, May/June 2001

On May 23, Alan T. Hill, public liaison chair of the Backcountry Horsemen of America and a member of the American Horse Council's newly formed Recreation Committee, testified before the U.S.House of Representatives Resources Committee. The purpose of the oversight hearing was to examine the broad national themes of public recreation and access to federal lands. In his remarks, Mr. Hill gave a broad overview of the condition of public access and associated recreation issues from the perspective of the recreational rider and stock user.

Mr. Hill express the recreational riding community's concern about the recent direction of the nation's approach to recreation and policy initiatives that seem intended to deny public access to millions of acres of public land. "We are concerned that if this direction is not changed, it will prevent Americans from participating in recreational activities, including horseback riding, in areas that have long sustained such activities," he testified.

Mr. Hill focused his comments on the importance of access for riders to federal lands, the need for additional funding "that is actually used on trails maintenance," the need for a national recreational policy, the necessity of a partnership between riders and the federal agencies to build and maintain trails, and the importance of good science in making any decisions in this area.

"We have become alarmed as we have witnessed during the last decade the continued decline in the condition and extent of our trail systems and a pervasive trend throughout the country of increasing restrict-

tions directed specifically at recreation, pack, and saddle stock use on our federal lands, including wilderness areas, national forests, national parks, national monuments, backcountry, and front country," Mr. Hill said. "During this same period, we have observed a shift in emphasis of the federal agencies from one of managing our national wilderness preservation system for the multiple purposes intended by Congress, i.e. recreational, scenic, scientific, educational, conservation, and historical use, to the singular objective of restoring and sustaining pristine ecological conditions."

In concluding his testimony, Mr. Hill said, "Recreational riders consider themselves both horsemen and women and environmentalists. We are concerned that our lands and resources are suffering from neglect, either by an administering agency or by an uninformed public. Our challenge, and the challenge to all trail users, to Congress, and to the responsible federal agencies is to ensure that federal lands are managed to meet all of the intents and purposes of the law, the people who use the land, and of course, the land itself. The new paradigm is about seeking common ground and understanding the needs of all users. We look forward to the challenge of collaborative efforts involving the federal agencies and other interested stakeholders as we work to preserve our lands, our access, and the common good."

Go to the American Horse Council's website:, and click on Comments and Testimony to see Mr. Hill's entire testimony.


Dec 12 Wed TROT Board and Members Meeting, 7:30 pm, all TROT members are always welcome. Call Gale for place and directions (usually her house on Mink Hollow Road in Howard Co.) 301-854-3852.

Jan 16 Wed TROT Board and Members Meeting, 7:30 pm, all TROT members are always welcome. Call Gale for place and directions (usually her house on Mink Hollow Road in Howard Co.) 301-854-3852.

Jan 17-20, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the 6th Annual Horse World Expo, Timonium State Fair Grounds. Mark your calendars, and give Deneen Martin a call to lend a hand at the TROT display table (301-253-2955)

Feb 16 Sat TROT Annual PotLuck Dinner and Meeting, Howard Co. Fairgrounds, Rt. 144 1 mile west of Rt. 32, off I-70 at exit 80. Doors open 5:30 pm

Feb 20 Wed TROT Board and Members Meeting, 7:30 pm, all TROT members are always welcome. Call Gale for place and directions (usually her house on Mink Hollow Road in Howard Co.) This will be the election of officers from the current and newly elected Board Members. 301-854-3852.

Welcome Debbie! And Thanks!

Debbie Palmer of Highland, Howard Co., Maryland, has accepted the role of newsletter editor (at least for a trial period). I'll be shipping all my interesting disks, CD-ROMs, back issues, and stuff to her as soon as I finish this issue. Take note of her address for future correspondence (i.e., reports, articles, classifieds, calendar items). Remember, changes of address go to the Membership person (see the membership form at the back of this issue).

Debbie Palmer
P.O. Box 129
Highland, MD 20777

So Join me in welcoming her aboard and give her lots of positive feedback so she feels inclined to continue doing the newsletter for a little while ! Suzanne


BOARDING--Tranquility Farm, Boyds, MD, offers the following on 5,000 acres: horses to lease, lessons for individuals leasing our horses, deluxe stall board, deluxe field board, champagne brunch trail rides. Call (301) 540-5433.

BOARDING--West Howard Co., Ideal for lay-ups and retirees. Excellent shelter, automatic water, vet and farrier services arranged. Feed and hay included. $140/month. Call 410-489-4752.

SERVICES--Lime & fertilizer spreading, Land clearing and Tree & stump removal, Trucking, hay & straw, firewood, sawdust, Pasture renovation. Call 301-423-5806, lv message. And wanted: cars, trucks, equipment for parts or rebuilding.

FOR SALE-- '97 Kingston 2-horse gooseneck trailer w/ dressing room. Aluminum, interior lights, lots of windows. White w/ black trim, excellent condition. Lv message 301-834-9711.

BOARDING--West Howard Co. (Glenwood). 50 acre farm with new barn. Four 12'x12' stalls. Safe board fence. Quality fields. Run-in sheds. Riding ring. Access to trails. Full board: $250. Field board: $75. Call Laura Pettit 301-854-5020.

FOR SALE-- 1989 Chevy ext. van built for trailering, dual coolant system, welded Reese hitch w/ electric control brakes, new engine & tires, auto, a/c, cruise control. Captains' chair and bench seating. $3500/obo. Call Kathy after 6 pm, 301-934-1016.

FOR SALE--Mannered trail horse needs loving home. Thoroughbred, 16.1 hh, 16 yrs old. Sound. X-rays available. Gentle sweet disposition. Needs intermediate rider. $2500. Call Carolyn 410-758-3353.


1. Husbands are less expensive to shoe.

2. Feeding a husband doesn't require anything that even mildly compares with the hassle of putting up hay.

3. A lame husband can still work.

4. A husband with a bellyache doesn't have to be walked.

5. Husbands don't try to scratch their heads on your back.

6. They're better able to understand puns.

7. If they're playing hard to catch you *may* be able to run them down on foot.

8. They know their name.

9. They pay their own bills.

10. They apologize when they step on your toes.

11. No saddle fitting problems.

12. They seldom refuse to get in the vehicle.

13. They don't panic, yelling and running all through the house when you leave them alone. (unless you left the kids too)

14. For a nominal fee you can hire someone else to clip them.


1. If they don't work out you can sell them.

2. They don't come with in-laws.

3. You don't have to worry about your children looking like them.

4. You never have to iron their saddle pads.

5. If you get too fat for one you can shop for a bigger one.

6. They smell good when they sweat.

7. You can repair their "clothes" with duct tape.

8. It's possible to keep them from "jumping the fence."

9. You can force them to stay in good physical condition...with a whip if necessary.

10. They don't want their turn at the computer.

11. They turn white with age, but not bald.

12. They've never *heard* of PMS.

13. They learn to accept restraint.

14. They love to go trail riding.

15. They don't care what you look like, as long as you have a carrot.

Trail Hosts of Year 2001

The list that follows reflects all those generous TROT members who have led one of our wonderful weekend trail rides over the course of this past year. Not only do they take time to lead a group on the trails they are most familiar with, they will often spend a great deal of time prior to the ride date trimming,

pruning, and otherwise cleaning those same trails to show them to advantage. Thank you one and all!

If you are looking for someone knowledgeable in a certain trail region, you might find just the person in this list. Give them a call and ask to go riding with them! Agricultural History Farm (Upper Rock Creek Stream Valley) Jim Frelund, 301-869-9481

Black Hills Regional Park, Montgomery Co. Jim Reynolds, 301-916-2212.

C&O Canal, Potomac, Montgomery Co. Alan Bennett, 301-762-2260 and Judy Dausch, 301-530-7669.

Catoctin Mountains, Frederick Watershed, Frederick Co. Angela Klinger, 301-898-9133.

Cunningham Falls, Frederick Co. Marilynn Miller, 301-898-7274.

Gettysburg National Park, Gettysburg, PA Doris Kulp, 301-271-0226

Greenbelt National Park, Prince George's Co. Briavael Cianelli, 301-262-2666.

Hawlings River Trails, Montgomery Co. Karen Alexander, 301-774-4499

Liberty Reservoir, Carroll Co. Sonny Biddeson, 410-833-4593.

Little Bennett Regional Park, Montgomery Co. Mimi Ernst, 301-416-2388.

Morgan Run Park, Carroll Co. Jean Swartz, 410-346-7060.

North East Branch Anacostia River, Pr. George's Co. John & Mary Angevine, 301-937-0014.

Paint Branch Ride. Mont. Co. Mary Prowell,, 301-607-8061

Patapsco River Park, Carroll & Baltimore Co. Annie Moe Benhoff, 410-781-4165.

Patuxant River State Park, Howard Co. Sue Charbonneau,, 301-865-3399.

Patuxent River State Park, Camp Waredaca, Montgomery Co. Gayle Ford, 410-552-5372.

Potomac Riverside Farm to the C&O Canal, Montgomery Co. Anna Slaysman, 301-972-8187.

Potomac Area , Montgomery Co. Sheila O'Donnell,, 202-362-4504.

Rachel Carson Regional Park, Montgomery Co. Rona Bloom, 301-622-7662.

Rails to Trails, Bowie, Prince George's Co. Briavael Cianelli, 301-262-2666.

Rock Creek Park, Washington, DC Laury Lobel,

Rocky Gorge Reservoir, Prince George's Co. Terry Ledley, 301-776-2661

Sandy Springs/Hawlings River, Montgomery Co. Kyle Jossi, 301-570-1485

Savage Mill Park, Howard Co. Cindy Withers,, 301-459-2768

Sugar Loaf Mountain, Frederick Co. Monica Breland, 301-972-7454.

Union Mills, Carroll Co. Cathy McElroy, 410-857-3540

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Starting right away, TROTNews will be published and mailed in August, October, December, February, April, and June.

The deadline for each newsletter is the 25th of the preceding month, so the next newsletter deadline is November 25.

The Editor welcomes submissions of any articles and news items that would be of interest to TROT members. Pictures submitted must be of good quality and high contrast. Original articles may be reprinted with the notice "Reprinted from the (month year) issue of TROTNews."

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