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Editor:Debbie Palmer
(301) 854-9763

NEWS TROT Information
February 2003 Electronic Edition Number 140

Potluck Dinner and Annual Meeting

Date: Saturday, February 15, 2003
Time: doors open 5:30 pm
Place: Howard Co. Fairgrounds 4-H Building
Directions: Rt. 144, 1 mile west of Rt. 32 and I-70 exit 80
Menu: A-I, Main Dishes
J-P, Side Dishes
Q-Z, Desserts

Come join old friends and meet new ones! Bring your friends! Bring a new member! Meet your county's representatives and fellow riders, share ideas, make plans to ride new trails and revisit old ones. And come with an appetite!!

Annual Meeting Agenda: The TROT Annual Meeting is a joint PotLuck and Business gathering of TROT members. The agenda is somewhat informal, but there will an election of board members and you will hear from Gale Monahan, President of TROT.

TROT Board members serve at least 2 years and their job is to meet once a month to discuss the business of TROT which includes fund raisers (like the Judged Pleasure Ride), GPS mapping, legislation that concerns trails and trail riders, Fairs and expos to exhibit at, and most importantly, trails that are being encroached upon by development and public parks that need to include horseback riders!

Our current Board members include: Gale Monahan, President; Tim McGrath, Vice President; Pat Merson, Secretary; Anne Bennof, Treasurer; Kathy Dobson, Angela Klinger, Marilyn Miller, Jack Monahan, Deneen Martin and Michelle Beachley. Board Members are nominated and voted on by the TROT members present at this Annual Meeting. At the next scheduled Board Meeting, the Board Members elect officers from among themselves. The meetings are often held at Jack and Gale's house in Highland, or sometimes at another location to suit the Board members.

The final item of the Annual Meeting is a guest speaker...and this year we have Jim Lewis, DVM. Dr. Lewis will be addressing the topic of acupuncture and the West Nile virus. Further agendas will be posted at the door.

Marcella Petree
1911 - 2003

Marcella Petree, a founding member of TROT and mother of TROT member, Carol Petree Iglehart, passed away on January 8 after a long illness.

Marcella was a lovely person with a sharp mind and many diverse interests. She held a Ph.D. degree in physics and spent her most of her professional life as a solid state physicist at the Naval Ordinance Laboratory in Silver Spring. She did pioneering work in semiconductors, some of which is still classified. In 1968, she was nominated for the Society of Women Engineers Achievement Award.

She loved nature as well as science, and passed on her love of animals and the outdoors to Carol. For many years, she was also active in various civic associations in Montgomery County. At the time TROT was being formed in 1980, Marcella was no longer a rider but nonetheless volunteered to serve as our first Vice President. In that capacity, she went before the civic groups and obtained resolutions and/or letters of support for the existence of bridle trails. These expressions of community support were very important when we later went before the Planning Board and the County Council seeking recognition of trails in master plans a pioneering concept at the time.

Marcella was an extraordinary lady, and we all gained from her wisdom.

Anne Bennof


Wanted to again offer my personal thanks, along with that of the club, to everyone who gave up their time and promoted the club at the Expo. The club could not continue to exist without the volunteer efforts of its members so, WELL DONE!

Thanks to all the Board Members who helped, as well as: George Lyons, Randi Wetzel, Maryellen Richter, Tim McGrath, Bea Dane, Janet Breeding, Kathy Dobson, JoAnn Kricker, Pat Keilholtz, Janet Leitzel, Diane and Robert Van Cura, Susan Saunders, Michelle Rich, Deneen Martin, Dawn Lundgren, Gale Monahan and Suzanne Anderson.

Doreen Mendola

The following letter was received in rebuttal to the Good Riding and Good Neighbors article which ran in the December, 2002, issue of the TROT newsletter:

January 17, 2003

Dear Madam:

I hope you will allow me to use your forum to reply to a letter in the December newsletter. This letter from Barb and Tom Thelan concerned foxhunters (most certainly our Wicomico Hunt) and our lack of respect and consideration for landowners. Anyone who has ever been associated with or had knowledge of hunt clubs knows that we consider our landowners the lifeblood of our sport. We have a specific committee and budget dedicated to doing what we can to further and keep smooth relationships with them. Education of our members as to the etiquette of being a guest on someone's property is also a big priority. There are seminars, mailed educational materials and constant verbal reminders of the care we should take of those properties. We have the same desire as TROT to keep territories open to riders and take our responsibility very seriously.

This being said mishaps and errors do sometimes occur. The incident in question when a landowner was upset did have some mitigating circumstances. Sometimes in their zeal to protect the hounds the hunt staff will let their feelings overcome their better judgment. A couple of whippers-in rode around the edge of an unknown field to retrieve hounds before they could reach the traffic at the paved road. The field (the main body of horses) went a different way and did not ride this land. Although I am still not condoning the actions of the whips, it was not a case of fifty horses galloping willy-nilly over planted fields. As for the statement that no apology was offered, our huntsman did later talk to this upset gentleman and not only apologized but offered to compensate him for any losses and promised (which has been kept) that we would not go on his property again. I feel it was a shame that the Thelans chose to publicly denounce us without hearing what we had to say, when we all need to be pulling together for this cause that is so dear to all riders who want to get out of rings and experience the countryside on horseback.

Thank you for your attention and keep up your good works, which benefit us all. Please, don't hesitate to call on foxhunters for help; we all have the same goal of making horses welcome on both public and private lands.

Carolyn C. Senter, Jt. MFH
Wicomico Hunt
While every story has two sides, and we have presented both, I would love to hear from the
land owner and what he/she has to say!


Top Ten Spook List
by: The Horse

10. BLOWING PAPER. "At any moment it could whip up into our faces, covering our noses. We could suffocate. And don't try to tell us you'd do CPR."

9. BARKING DOGS. "What? You've never read Steven King's CUJO?"

8. PUDDLES OF WATER. "Quicksand."

7. TRASH CANS. "They've been know to swallow horses and transport them into another dimension."

6. BABIES AND LIL KIDS. "Long lost tribe of horse-eating pygmies."

5. PLAID HORSE BLANKETS. "Hey, when was the last time you wore plaid? It adds 100 lbs."

4. ROPES AND HOSES ON THE GROUND. "Dreaded North American trail snakes."

3. PONIES. "Cute, clever, hardy. They want to take over the World."

2. WINDY DAYS. "Two words: impending tornado."


1. CARTS AND WAGONS. "Look. You put a human on our backs, we can always buck them off. But hitching a horse to a wheeled object? It's just not right. No matter how fast the horse trots, the dang cart is still running after him. OH, THE HORROR!!!!"

This Month's Recipe

Carrot and Apple Horse Cookies

1 cup sweet feed
2 cups bran
1 cup flax seed
4 large carrots, shredded
1 cup molasses
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 cup applesauce

Mix molasses, brown sugar, carrots and applesauce in one bowl. In another, mix the dry ingredients. Slowly combine the molasses mixture with the dry ingredients. Add only enough to form a thick dough, add more bran if necessary. Line cookie sheet with aluminum foil or waxed paper.

Using a tablespoon, drop batter onto cookie sheet and flatten slightly to form portions about the size of a silver dollar. Bake at 300 degrees for about 1 hour, flip and bake for an additional 45 minutes, until they are dried out. Check often to make sure they don't burn.


The TROT Pleasure Rides are open to all current TROT members. New members are ALWAYS welcome. Membership forms will be available at the ride. Membership is only $15 for 1 year! What a DEAL! For more information about TROT's Pleasure Rides, call Michelle Beachley (301/482-2526) A Negative Coggins Test is required on all TROT pleasure rides and events.

February 15, Sat: ANNUAL POT LUCK!

Hello all!.......My name is Michelle Beachley and will be TROT's new trail ride coordinator. First order of business is a big THANK YOU to Mary Prowell for all her time and effort Thanks Mary!

I am very excited to work with members of this much-needed organization! Though I have many new ideas, I welcome any thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc. that would make these rides more appealing to you. Please feel free to contact me at home (301/482-2526) or via email (

I am anxious to explore more trails outside my local area of Damascus whilst meeting new people and seeing familiar faces! Let's ride!!!

March 23 Sun: Paint Branch Ride. Mont. Co.
These trails were the beginning inspiration for TROT. Come ride the Paint Branch, the Gum Spring, and the Good Hope tributaries. If time allows, we can also ride the connecting trail to the Rocky Gorge Watershed. Time about 2 to 3 hours, moderate pace (walk, trot, possibly some cantering depending on the group). These are stream valley trails with river crossings and the possibility of mud this time of year. A snack or lunch for after the ride would be a good idea, especially if we go over to Rocky Gorge. Contact Mary Prowell at 301-607-8061 or
April 26 Sat: Patuxent River State Park - SCAVENGER RIDE, How. Co.
These trails are some of the most extensive areas of trails you can ride. The pace will be mostly walk/trot and ride time will be up to 4 hours. These are stream valley trails with river crossings. The ride will start at 10:00 AM. Bring a bag lunch, as we will stop on the trail and something to hold your findings in. Parking is located off Rt. 94. Contact Deneen Martin at 301-253-2955 or Michelle Beachley at 301-482-2526 or
April 26 Sun: Union Mills, Carroll Co.
This lovely park has many varied trails-- woods, streams, some hills, and expansive views north to Pennsylvania farmland. Ride for 2 to 3 hours at a walk/trot pace. If people want to ride a bit faster will possibly have a group for that too. May have one road crossing. Contact Cathy McElroy at 410-857-3540.
May 04 Sun: 10:00 AM - Potomac Riverside Farm to the C&O Canal, Mont. Co.
This ride leaves Anna's historic working farm and travels over the fields, past the Polo field, through the woods, and down to the C&O canal towpath, and the Potomac river. There are usually three groups: walk, trot, and canter with a possible snack break at the White's Ferry Store. Anna treats every one to a cookout at her farm after the ride. Covered dishes are welcome. It is important she get an accurate head count for this ride. Call Anna Slayman at 301-972-8187.
May 31 Sat: Little Bennett Regional Park, Mont. Co.
This interesting and versatile park has woods, fields, a Boy Scout Campground, and a one-room schoolhouse with a swinging bridge. This park is a very popular riding destination. The ride will be approx. 3-3 hours with a walk/trot pace. Bring a bag-lunch for trailer talk after the ride! Parking is located behind the Little Bennett Golf Course. Call Mimi Ernst for more information at 301-416-2388.
TBD - - - Green horse/ Green Rider trail day.
We are coordinating a schooling day for horses and riders that do not have much trail riding experience or the seasoned rider looking for something different. All ages' welcome (what a perfect way to introduce young riders!). The pace will be slow to allow both horse and rider to gain confidence over, around and even under obstacles (natural and man-made). We will also talk about basic trail guidelines along the way. Seasoned riders and horses will lead the ride. The location and time of this event will be determined upon the amount of interest. Please contact Michelle Beachley at 301-482-2526 or (Ps. I will be there with my green mare!)
A note from the trail coordinator: Since I am new to this, any feedback, suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated. This is our organization - let's have FUN! ~ Michelle

ISO Riding Buddy?

Are you and your horse not quite ready for a TROT ride? Do you need a buddy to "practice" with or "tune-up" with out on the trail? This column is a way for you to find a riding buddy. Let us know where you ride, where you'd like to ride, when you ride and what you're looking for. Your information will be included in this column! This column has generated lots of interest from riders looking for riding buddies as well as those wonderful horse people offering their experience to help out riders new to trails.

We are interested in riding near Civil War Battlefields and would like to hear from anyone familiar with horse trails around Antietam (MD) and Manassas (VA). Please contact Kyle Jossi at 301/570-3860.


Please send ads to the editor: Debbie Palmer, TROT News, P.O. Box 129, Highland, MD 20777. The next newsletter deadline is January 25th. Make checks out to TROT.
Type or print your ad, 38 characters per line, 6 lines = $5.00. Each additional line = $1.00.

FOR SALE: Black 17-1/2" County Dresprix saddle (with 3 position panel adjustments). Excellent condition. Comfortable for trail riding and jumping. Asking $800. Call Jan at 301/347-4786 (day) or 301/371-0888 (pm) or email at

House to Share - Looking for female roommate to share small, rustic carriage house on 10 acres in quaint, rural Northern Virginia town. Located 30 minutes from Frederick and Leesburg, and 10 minutes from MARC train station. $400/month rent includes utilities and Direct TV. Self-care field boarding available for $125/month on adjoining 200 acre, private farm with large outdoor ring and access to miles of trails. 540-822-9294.

Horses for Sale - Several nice horses for sale (QH and QH-crosses). Will make excellent trail horses or competition prospects. Priced from $2,500 to $4,000 OBO. 540-822-9294.

DE-JUNK YOUR TACK ROOM and sell your stuff here! Spring Cleaning time is almost here! How many bits do you have that you haven't used in year? How many saddle pads do you really need? How many hoof picks? Lead ropes? What about training videos? De-clutter and earn some extra cash!

This is YOUR newsletter...we welcome submissions of any articles and news items that would be of interest to TROT members. Please send all materials to the editor:

Debbie Palmer
PO Box 129
Highland, MD 20777-0129
or email to:

Please refer to TROT in the subject line or your email may not be opened.

PLEASE NOTE: The mailing of the newsletter is not done by the editor. Please refer your concerns to the TROT BOARD. Thank you!

classified ad ---$ 5.00
page or business card ---$25.00
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Full page ---$75.00
Insert ---$50.00*

*this rate is based upon the advertiser providing prepared copy for our mailing, including all number of copies.


Officers: Gale Monahan, President (301-854-3852); Tim McGrath, Vice President (301-428-8216); Pat Merson, Secretary (301-898-3251); Anne Bennof, Treasurer (301-829-0949)

Directors/Board Members: Kathy Dobson (410-747-2015); Angela Klinger (301-898-9133); Marilyn Miller (301-898-7274); Jack Monahan (301-854-3852); Deneen Martin; Michelle Rich (301-482-2526)

Membership: Linda Eminizer; Trail Ride Coordinator: Michelle Beachley (301-482-2526)

Mapping Project: Tim McGrath (301-428-8216)
Search & Rescue Team: Suzanne Anderson (301-829-3881)
Archivist: Karen Alexander
Web Page Master: George and Lisa Graff
County Coordinators: Carroll Anne Bennof; Howard Gale Monahan;
Frederick Angela Klinger & Pat Merson; Montgomery Tim McGrath; Prince George's Mary Angevine


The Information Exchange

From Our Members!

No one shared any information!
Please send in your submission for April's newsletter!

Here are a few ideas for April's issue:

Manure Management how do you manage manure on your farm? Write, telling us how many horses you have, what your facilities are like, and how you dispose of manure. Any unusual tips that might help our readers?

Keeping Weight on Your Geriatric Horse how do you do it? Any sure things?

How do you administer oral medication to those "difficult" horse patients? The champion head bobbers? We want to know!

Please send all ITEMS FOR "INFORMATION EXCHANGE" to the editor @, or by calling 301/854-9763. And, remember to reference "trot" in your subject line of your email to be sure it will be opened.

February 22, 2003

Trail Riding Clinic

Clinic to enlighten and inform those interested in distance riding, whether it be pleasure or competition.

Front Royal, VA
contact Stephanie Muncy @ 540/635-5912 or

Seminar and Training Ride

March 30, 2003

Covering basics of conditioning the trail horse, includes a 2-3 hour ride demonstrating those principles.

Graves Mountain Lodge
Syria, VA
Contact Martha Ann Romoser (703) 620-9484 or

Photo Seminar

February 26, 2003

Professional Photographer

Meikka Cutlip
Location: Clifton Town Meeting Hall
Time: 7:30 pm
RSVP by 2/24/03 to Sid Newman
email or 703/968-6615

Gain valuable tips on successfully photographing your horse!

Pleasure Ride at Fountainhead Park

April 6, 2003

5, 10, 15 or 20 miles

Pre-registration required
For Information call Kathy Jayne
or Pat Hepner 703/830-8394

Chesapeake 25 Mile Competitive Trail Ride

or Chesapeake 15-Mile Training Ride
April 19, 2003

Contact Call 410/420-7678 or
Krazy Kritters 4-H Trail Ride

April 25-27, 2003
Fair Hill, MD

Stalls & Overnight
Camping Available
Call 410/287-9343

in the Ozarks of Southwest Missouri

Trail rides for horse and mule riders

Trails from limestone bluffs to woodlands and gravel beaches. Enjoy a swimming hole, fishing, fun shows, bingo, dancing, team penning and tall tales around the campfire.

Daily, weekly & monthly rates available. or email us at or call 888/644-6773
Other sites of interest:

Ground Control Horse shoes see

Trail Supplies, western & english see

About the Horse

Cook Forest Scenic Trail Ride

Located near Allegheny National Forest in Northwestern Pennsylvania. 300 miles of woodland trails. 5 day pack trips, organized trail rides, individual horse camping, good trail horses for rent, "all you can eat" homecooked food.

Contact Ray & Terri Smith


April 13 - Passage Creek No Frills
50/30 Endurance Ride.

Fort Valley, VA.

Contact Virginia Ingram 540-933-6071.

Gettysburg Horse Park

Full service camping resort for you & your horse! Campsites with full electric and water. Covered box stalls, open gate stalls and wood corrals available for your horses.

Enjoy riding the nearby trails of Historic Gettysburg Battlefield.

Call 717/334-1288 or email us at Artillery

Camden, Tennessee

Wooded trails, creeks, rolling hills, easy traveling terrain, country cookin', clean bath houses, plenty of camping spaces.

Call or email for brochure-- 731/584-9206

An Apple (Cider Vinegar) A Day...

This age-old home remedy has many uses around the barn!

Add c to drinking water daily during warm weather and horses may be less bothered by biting insects!

Use for traveling horses! Horses are sometimes unwilling to drink water that smells and tastes different from what they are used to at home. Most horses love the taste of apple cider vinegar and will drink any water to which it's added!

For a vinegar liniment: combine 1 pint apple cider vinegar with 1 tsp cayenne pepper and 6-8 drops of the essential oil of pine or rosemary. Shake well and massage into tight, strained muscles or sore joints, or simply soak a cloth or bandage in the liniment and hold on the affected area as long as possible.

Digestive aid? In addition to acidifying the gastrointestinal tract, apple cider vinegar promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria. Both of these factors are important to digestion. Add to cup to daily feed.

Cider vinegar advocates claim it prevents bladder, kidney and intestinal stones. It won't dissolve stones that already exist, but adding it to a stone-prone's horse's diet often coincides with the problem's disappearance.

The Beginning of the End...

A friend gives you a horse...

You build a small shelter...$750
You fence in a paddock...$450
Purchase small truck to haul hay...$12,000
Purchase a 2 horse trailer...$2,800
Purchase 2nd horse...$2,500
Build larger shelter with storage...$2,000
More fencing...$1,200
Purchase 3rd horse...$3,000
Purchase 4 horse trailer...$17,500
Purchase larger truck...$23,000
Purchase 4 acres next door...$38,000
More fencing...$2,000
Build small barn...$18,000
Purchase camper for truck...$9,000
Purchase tractor...$23,000
Purchase 4th & 5th horse...$6,500
Purchase 20 acres...$285,000
Build house...$185,000
Build barn...$56,000
More fencing & corrals...$24,000
Build covered arena...$182,000
Purchase Dually...$44,000
Purchase gooseneck w/living quarters...$45,000
Purchase 6th, 7th & 8th horse...$10,750
Hire full time trainer...$50,000
Build house for trainer...$84,000
Buy motor home for shows...$125,000
Hire attorney -- spouse leaving you for trainer...$35,000
Declare bankruptcy, spouse gets everything.

Friend feels sorry for you a horse.....

It's time to start watching and being aware of any new bills that may come up (AGAIN!) about Sunday Hunting!

This issue is sure to come up again this year, and we encourage EVERYONE to be pro-active towards its defeat! TROT Members made a difference last year...let's do it again! Here is information on ...


If you have a computer,
log on:


Click on: General Assembly
Click on: "Find" in "Contact or Find a legislator"
Click on: Look up form (which will allow you to list your address)

Click on: Name of your Senator and your Delegate in the MD General Assembly. You will get a full page of information on each and how to contact them. You'll get address, phone, fax, e-mail use what is most comfortable for you. Just remember, personal contact means the most.

* * *


Click on General Assembly
In paragraph beginning: "The Maryland General Assembly meets in Annapolis each year for 90 days..."
Click on Maryland General Assembly
Click on Committees
Click on House Standing Committees
Click on Environmental Matters Committee
Click on Senate Standing Committees
Click on Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee
Click on each name for information about that committee member

* * *


Click on General Assembly
Insert HG9 and Click on Submit (Watch for Senate bill in Subject listing)
Note bill sponsors. Your legislator? Make extra effort to contact, as well as committee. If full text of bill does not appear, try clicking on "First Reading" near bottom

* * *

If you don't have a computer, visit your local library. Library staff will help you look up the information. Or phone the Department of Legislative Services at 410-946-5400.

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