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TROT and our Maryland Parks

TROT works with local government agencies, the Maryland Department of Resources (DNR) and other state agencies, and the National Park Service (NPS)to ensure that the needs of equestrians are met when planning new parks or trails.

While TROT supports and encourages the concept of multi-use trails, it is TROT's position that trails that have been historically equestrian should revert back to equestrian use in the event of a use dispute. For information on state and national parks in Maryland you may refer to:

Trails and Maps

We will be, in the course of the next year, gathering equestrian trail information. And we are creating GPS files for selected parks in the Capitol region. Our goal will be to provide trail maps and local trail experts for the majority of trails in Maryland accessible to horses. In this effort we will be asking you to send us your maps (preferably as PDF or JPG files) and volunteer to serve as a resource for trails in your area. We have trails at several parks already online. This includes GPX files for your GPS unit and KMZ files for use with Google Earth. We would appreciate your comments and suggestions. Perhaps YOU'D like to map your park?

In any case also consider state maps provided by the DNR.

We also have these more traditional maps.

Other sources include:

Consider contributing a write-up about your own favorite trail system.

DNR Trails Webpage Updated. It contains timely and detailed information about trails, bike/ped master plans, rules and regulations, and signs of the times. Check it by clicking here. Search on that page for the trail or park you are interested in.

Trail Resource Guides

Many TROT members are happy to show other Trot members their favorite trails on an individual or group basis. They are listed on our Trail Guides PDF file. (you may need to zoom into that pdf.Contact them for a personal guided trial ride!

Please send additonal maps and comments to our webmaster or contact Barbara Sollner-Webb at or 301-604-5619 if you'd like to be a trail resource guide.