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Agriculture History Farm Park Trail Data   
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The Agriculture History Farm Park
Montgomery County

18400 Muncaster Road
Derwood, MD 20855
Park Manager: 301-948-5053
Trail Resource Guide: Deneen Martin 301-253-2955

Location: Northern Montgomery County. On Muncaster Road between Muncaster Mill Road and Route 108.  For directions see the park website or click here.

Trailer Parking: Follow the paved driveway to the end. Follow signs by turning left onto gravel road and proceed to grass lot on right.

Facility/Trail Descriptions: Situated along Rock Creek in Derwood, Maryland, the Agricultural History Farm Park is a 410-acre complex with a farmhouse, barn and assorted farm buildings. This is a horse friendly park that arguably offers the best maintained trails in the county. The trails traverse rolling hills and follow along field and wood lines. There are about 3.6 miles of official trails. I find that with back-tracking and exploring side trails that I ride for about 7 miles on a typical 2 hour visit. If you take the trail linking to Blue Mash (not part of the park but included on the GPX and KMZ files) you will add on an additional 4 miles round trip. This is a well worthwhile side trip through the woods. The countryside views in this park are exceptional. There is plenty of creek water and grass for your horses to enjoy. This is a great place to bring lunch and chairs and just hang out with your riding friends and horses.

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