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Patuxent River State Park Trail Data   
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Patuxent River State Park
Howard and Montgomery Counties

c/o Seneca Creek State Park
11950 Clopper Road
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
(301) 924-2127
Trail Resource Guide: Laury Lobel 301-774-9595 or email.

Location: Along the along the Patuxent River Valley. The River forms the boundary between Howard and Montgomery Counties between Maryland Route 27 (Mt. Airy) and 97. For directions see the park website.

Trailer Parking: The best place to park a trailer is located off Annapolis Rock Road in a small field set asside for this purpose.  The park enterance is not marked, but there is a large metal gate and a sign asking to keep the gate closed. There is also trailer parking along Long Corner Road near the bridge crossing the Patuxent.

Facility/Trail Descriptions: Patuxent River State Park is one of the largest riding areas in central Maryland.  Located in Howard and Montgomery counties, along the upper 12 miles of the Patuxent River, the park is comprised of 6,700 acres of natural areas and farmlands.  There are many miles of looping trails throughout the wooded stream valley and along the edges of adjacent fields. 

The park is one of the prime deer hunting areas in central Maryland, so between mid October and the end of January it is advisable to wear bright orange or yellow clothing and make human noises.  Fortunately, there is no hunting allowed on Sundays. 

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