Trail Rides

Please come out to enjoy a TROT trail ride and consider leading a ride yourself!  TROT trail rides are fun and a great opportunity to learn new trails, meet other TROT members, and find a new trail riding buddy.  To lead a ride, contact our trail ride coordinator, Barbara Sollner-Webb.

To participate in a scheduled ride:

  • Contact the ride leader to sign-up and learn the ride’s starting time and other details.
  • If a ride is postponed or cancelled, the ride leader will notify you.
  • Check the TROT website and TROT and Maryland Trail Riders listservs for the most current ride information.
  • All ride participants:
    • Must wear helmets
    • Provide appropriate documentation of current negative Coggins test for the horse, in compliance with Maryland state law.
    • Be a TROT member – One-day TROT memberships are available at the ride for $5

If you need a ride to the event or can offer one, please email Barbara Sollner-Webb, so that this information can be included in an upcoming newsletter, or contact the ride leader.


Trail Maintenance

Anytime you are on a trail ride and if safe to do so, you can perform trail maintenance by clipping branches that impede passageway along a trail.  In addition, you can participate in scheduled trail maintenance days.

Amy Kimble is the TROT Adopt-A-Trail coordinator and she has challenged all TROT members to perform two hours of trail maintenance a year.  Please contact Amy for additional information about participating in trail maintenance activities.  She can be reached at 301-748-8310 or

Please report your trail work hours to Amy, who tracks this information for the state; these hours also help assess park usage.


Trail Ride @ Gunpowder Falls State Park, Bunker Hill Trail
Oct 25 all-day

Gunpowder Falls State Park, Bunker Hill Trail — This will be a walk-only ride, mostly in the woods with some hills. There are places on this trail that are close to the edge of a stream as well as some steps built for erosion control, both uphill and downhill, so this is not a good ride for a green trail horse. There is a large paved parking lot at the end of Bunker Hill Road that can accommodate up to six trailers, so sign up early. The ride will be 1.5-2 hrs. Bring lunch and a chair if you wish to stay to eat. [from Priscilla Huffman.]

Trail Ride @ location to be determined
Oct 26 all-day

It will be a walk-only ride, but folks who want to go faster can ride away and then re-join the group.   Bring a chair and your lunch to follow the ride.  Drinks & dessert will be provided.   More information to come.

Trail Ride @ Rosaryville Halloween ride
Oct 27 all-day

We will ride at the beautiful 982-acre Rosaryville State Park, southwest of Upper Marlboro in Prince George’s County. The timing is scheduled so that we should be riding through spectacular fall foliage. And come in a costume! The terrain can be hilly but shoes aren’t necessary except for very tender-footed horses. We will be riding from Laura’s house that abuts the park (not from the main park parking area). And after the ride Laura will host a delicious Bar-B-Q, so please bring something for the luncheon.

Trail Ride @ WSSC's Rocky Gorge
Nov 2 all-day

Come ride along WSSC’s beautiful Rocky Gorge Reservoir, celebrating TROT’s efforts to reopen this trail a few years ago. This ride starts in West Laurel about five minutes from the Rt. 198 exit off I-95. It offers magnificent views of the reservoir, with a good chance of seeing heron and maybe an eagle. Despite the name, the footing is fine for barefoot horses, with plenty of easy stream crossings to water the horses. Terry will lead a walk-only group and Barbara a walk-trot (maybe a bit of canter) group. After the ~2 1⁄2 hour ride, there will be a potluck lunch at Barbara’s house, where your potluck contribution will have already been ferried. [See articles on this venue in the May, 2016 and September, 2014 newsletters.]

Trail Ride @ location to be determined
Nov 9 all-day

Rain date Tuesday, November 16. More information to come.

Trail Ride @ Anacostia Park Ride
Nov 18 all-day

A favorite TROT ride to close TROT’s organized trail riding season. This is a fantastic ride with many special views, including the Lincoln Cemetery and Bladensburg Waterfront. We will travel along the Anacostia River on a very nice path, traversing over and under bridges and roads, passing playgrounds and outdoor workout equipment. A great ride to give green horses experience with hikers, bikers, dogs, and strollers.