Trail Riders of Today (TROT)Dedicated to Enjoying, Maintaining and Expanding Sustainable Trails for Equestrian Use

Welcome To TROT

Founded in 1980, TROT is an all-volunteer grassroots membership organization that provides a vital voice for the preservation and creation of sustainable trails for equestrian use. TROT promotes trail riding by holding organized rides and educational activities throughout the year, promoting safe riding, trail etiquette, and proper horses care. Join TROT – If you enjoy riding horses on trails in Maryland, want to learn about great places to ride, and would like to see these trails remain open to all riders, see our membership page to join/renew/contribute. And be sure to check out our list of scheduled rides on our calendar page.

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Many of the trails open to equestrians are multi-use trails that also are open to hikers and bikers. The success of TROT’s mission depends on the active participation of equestrian and non-equestrian trail enthusiasts, and we actively support collaborations with all users to ensure that trails are available for everyone to enjoy. Please join TROT or renew your membership and volunteer your help by contacting your local county coordinator or any of the TROT Board…

Trail Rides Please come out to enjoy a TROT trail ride and consider leading a ride yourself!  TROT trail rides are fun and a great opportunity to learn new trails, meet other TROT members, and find a new trail riding buddy.  To lead a ride, contact our trail ride coordinator, Barbara Sollner-Webb. To participate in a scheduled ride: Contact the ride leader to sign-up and learn the ride’s starting time and other details. If a…

Trail rides are a relaxing way to meet other riders and enjoy the natural beauty of open space, woods, and park land. TRAILS and MAPS Guide to Maryland Horse Trails – The Guide, put together by the Maryland Horse Industry Board, contains a large, illustrated map of the horse trails in Maryland’s 23 counties; a list of trails in each county, including telephone number, length, type of surface; and other valuable information about trail riding,…

Upcoming Events

all-day Trail Ride @ Rachel Carson
Trail Ride @ Rachel Carson
Apr 25 all-day
Trail Ride. Info about this “Last Thursday of the Month” TROT ride will be on the TROT Facebook page and in the next newsletter.  RSVP:  Laury Lobel  (<>, 301-467-7300) For more information about this park: Click here.
all-day Trail Work Day @ WSSC Rocky Gorge Trail
Trail Work Day @ WSSC Rocky Gorge Trail
Apr 27 all-day
Trail Work Day. [Rain date: Saturday, May 4.] Last year, after the passing of the wonderful trail advocate and founding TROT member, Terry Ledley, we decided to do a yearly trail work session to honor Terry’s memory. And what better place than on the trail that Terry made and WSSC dedicated to her? We will break into small groups to be most efficient, and walk along the trail, pruning overgrowth for about two hours and…
all-day Trail Ride @ Agriculture History Farm Park
Trail Ride @ Agriculture History Farm Park
May 9 all-day
Bring your sandwich to join in a group lunch after the ride.     RSVP:  Debbie Wagner (301-233-7738, phone or text)
all-day Trail Ride @ Morgan Run
Trail Ride @ Morgan Run
May 11 all-day
Trail Ride. Veteran Morgan Run trail rider, Debbie Mullinix, will lead us on this trail ride. Morgan Run is a 1,336 acre environmental nature area featuring miles of equestrian trails in both open fields and woodlands. Only a few sections are somewhat rocky, but the vast majority of the trails have footing that is easy on horses’ feet. There is plenty of parking at Morgan Run. As always, plan to stay for the potluck after…
all-day Trail Ride @ T Howard Duckett/Rocky Gorge Reservoir
Trail Ride @ T Howard Duckett/Rocky Gorge Reservoir
May 11 all-day
Trail Ride. [Rain date: Saturday, May 18.] Come ride along WSSC’s beautiful Rocky Gorge Reservoir, celebrating TROT’s efforts to reopen this trail a few years ago. This ride starts in West Laurel and offers magnificent views of the reservoir, with a good chance of seeing heron and maybe an eagle. Despite the name, the footing is fine for barefoot horses, with plenty of easy stream crossings to water the horses. We will have a walk-only…
all-day Trail Ride @ Fair Hill
Trail Ride @ Fair Hill
May 18 all-day
Trail Ride. Fair Hill has great footing, even for the barefoot horse. But there are some areas with gravel, so for the very tender-footed horse they may require shoes/boots. Fair Hill also boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in the area. There will be some small water crossings along the ride, as well as some bridges, dogs on leashes, and fellow riders/horses. There usually is enough trailer parking in the lot as well as…
all-day Trail Ride @ TBD
Trail Ride @ TBD
May 30 all-day
Info about this “Last Thursday of the Month” TROT ride will be on the TROT Facebook page and in the next newsletter.  RSVP:  Laury Lobel  (<>, 301-467-7300)
all-day Trail Ride @ Monocacy Natural Resource Management Area
Trail Ride @ Monocacy Natural Resource Management Area
Jun 13 all-day
Monocacy Natural Resource Management Area in Dickerson, Frederick County   Trail Ride. This is a new venue for TROT, so very exciting [to have write-up for the next newsletter]  RSVP:  Joan Bosmans (<>)
all-day Trail Ride @ Patapsco - McKeldin
Trail Ride @ Patapsco - McKeldin
Jun 16 all-day
Woodstock Inn in Woodstock Maryland located in Patapsco State Park between Baltimore, Carroll and Howard Counties. This established watering hole is a favorite of Horseback riders in the area. Woodstock Inn appreciates the many riders that come to their restaurant.  There are dedicated hitching posts with signs “Horse and Mule Parking Only” in their main parking lot as well as two hitching posts in a lower secluded treelined spot away. Wait staff will sometimes add…