Trail Riders of Today (TROT)Dedicated to Enjoying, Maintaining and Expanding Sustainable Trails for Equestrian Use

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Originally founded in 1980, by a group of 22 Maryland riders seeking to save a single trail, Trail Riders Of Today (TROT) expanded in 1997 to a 501(c)3 Corporation for charitable and educational purposes and specifically to educate the public concerning the preservation of existing equestrian trails and the establishment of new equestrian trails. TROT encourages partnerships with local organizations, state government agencies, land developers, and the public at large to maintain, preserve, and promote open space and equestrian trails with ecological and aesthetic benefits for public recreational use across the region. TROT and its members work with the public to educate and disseminate information concerning trail stewardship, safe riding practices, proper equine care and horsemanship, clinics, work groups and public forums. Join TROT – If you enjoy riding horses on trails in Maryland, want to learn about great places to ride, and would like to see these trails remain open to all riders, see our membership page to join/renew/contribute. And be sure to check out our list of scheduled rides on our calendar page.

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Many of the trails open to equestrians are multi-use trails that also are open to hikers and bikers. The success of TROT’s mission depends on the active participation of equestrian and non-equestrian trail enthusiasts, and we actively support collaborations with all users to ensure that trails are available for everyone to enjoy. Please join TROT or renew your membership and volunteer your help by contacting your local county coordinator or any of the TROT Board…

Trail Rides Please come out to enjoy a TROT trail ride and consider leading a ride yourself!  TROT trail rides are fun and a great opportunity to learn new trails, meet other TROT members, and find a new trail riding buddy.  To lead a ride, contact our trail ride coordinator, Trot Activity. To participate in a scheduled ride: Contact the ride leader to sign-up and learn the ride’s starting time and other details. If a…

Trail rides are a relaxing way to meet other riders and enjoy the natural beauty of open space, woods, and park land. TRAILS and MAPS Guide to Maryland Horse Trails – The Guide, put together by the Maryland Horse Industry Board, contains a large, illustrated map of the horse trails in Maryland’s 23 counties; a list of trails in each county, including telephone number, length, type of surface; and other valuable information about trail riding,…

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