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Sunday August 8th, 2021 12 noon to 3pm – RSVP at by August 1st  Patapsco Valley State Park, McKeldin Area (GPS Coordinates 39.35982-7689112)  11676 Marriottsville Road, Marriottsville, MD 21104 McKeldin Pavilion #501  Due to the pandemic TROT was unable to hold its annual dinner but now is the perfect time to have a picnic ! Come and gather to see old riding buddies and meet new ones. A lot has happened in the last year,Read More
Updates on COVID-19 from the Maryland Horse Council Hello TROT members, The Board and I hope you all are staying healthy in the times of COVID-19. I wanted to share the latest update from the Maryland Horse Council (MHC) with you. MHC is staying up to date with everything COVID-19 and sharing how the developments are affecting equestrians. We hope that this information is helpful for you! To download the full message from MHC, pleaseRead More
Trail Riders of Today 2020 Annual Meeting and Dinner February 15th, 2020 | Mount Airy, MD Celebrating 40 Years Originally founded in 1980 by a group of 22 Maryland riders seeking to save a single trail, Trail Riders Of Today (TROT) expanded into a 501(c)3 organization focusing on preservation and creation of sustainable equestrian trails throughout Maryland. TROT partners with local organizations, state government agencies, land developers, and the public at large to maintain, obtain,Read More
TROT Presents Mountain Obstacle Course Double C Farm, LLC is Maryland’s first IMTCA certified course. This will be an instructor-led event with a maximum of 8 riders per session. Riding the obstacle course helps a horse and rider: Build a deeper partnership. Cultivate trust, respect, and confidence. Increase flexibility and agility. Develop better communication skills. And it’s FUN! The obstacles include Balance Beams, Rocks, Cross Bucks, Pond, Bridges, Teeter Totter, Texas Two Step, Cake Box,Read More

April 3, 2019

Get Ready to Ride!

So you want to go trail riding…. Good! I encourage you to. I happen to think it is one of the most fun things to do in the world. But, a little bit of planning and thought, will make the experience more fun and safe for you, and more importantly, your horse. Before you go.. Know where you are going. That seems simple, right? Map Quest, directions off the site, or plotting on a roadRead More
Trail Etiquette for Equestrians* Make sure your horse has the temperament and training for riding on congested public trails. Busy multi-use trails are not the proper place for schooling green horses. Advise other trail users of your horse’s temperament, e.g. a horse with a tendency to kick should always wear a red ribbon in the tail or a stallion should wear a yellow ribbon. Assume that not everyone will know what these ribbons mean, soRead More
YEAR-ROUND SUNDAY HUNTING IN CECIL COUNTY ON PRIVATE AND PUBLIC LAND! A bill that would allow virtually year-round Sunday hunting of almost every species of game mammal and game bird on both private and public land has passed the House and moved over to the Senate. This bill (HB242), if it passes the Senate and is signed by the Governor, will become law. THIS MEANS IT IS VERY CLOSE TO PASSAGE, as the Senate isRead More
YEAR-ROUND SUNDAY HUNTING IN ST. MARY’S  COUNTY! A bill that would allow virtually year-round Sunday hunting of almost every species of game mammal and game bird has passed the Senate and moved over to the House. This bill (SB390), if it passes the House and is signed by the Governor, will become law. THIS MEANS IT IS VERY CLOSE TO PASSAGE, as the House is likely to approve it UNLESS THEY HEAR FROM YOU! If thisRead More
Unfortunately, due to the extremely wet fall and winter seasons the rehabilitation work at Brighton Dam is behind schedule and all recreation areas on Triadelphia Reservoir will remain closed for the season. This includes Brighton Dam, Greenbridge, Triadelphia, Pig Tail, and Big Branch recreation areas. Note that the Azalea Garden is also closed this season and that in the coming weeks the sidewalk along Brighton Dam road will also be closed to pedestrian traffic. RecreationRead More
COUNTY COORDINATOR MEETING Saturday, March 16, 2019 10:00am EST Relatively Stable, 4910 Cherry Tree Lane, Sykesville, MD Conference Call (605) 313-4459, Access Code 421873# Online Meeting: https:// join.f reeconfer enc ecal Thinking about becoming a TROT County Coordinator? Already a county coordinator, but don’t know where to start? County to big to take on alone? Pick an area you can Grab a friend and take on the county fun together! We have a hugeRead More
David Beard (PM Session) and Jimmy Wagner (AM Session) will lead this clinic that is aimed at helping you make your horse safer, calmer and more reliable in a variety of unfamiliar situations. This type of experience will benefit any horse and rider, especially on the trails. Gain confidence that you and your horse can handle anything the trails might throw at you. David Beard learned gentle horsemanship from Craig Cameron in Texas. He boughtRead More
By  Barbara Sollner-Webb TROT’s recently formed Events Committee (Corinne Pouliquen, Meggan Whalen, and Carolann Sharpe) organized their first event for TROT members and other riders, an excellent “Trail Rider Safety and First Aid Seminar”. It was Saturday, January 12, in Germantown, and happily Mother Nature held the snow off until several hours after the event, so it could take place. This seminar was extremely informative, well-organized, and professionally run, with a great selection of speakers as well asRead More
TROT in the Monocacy Monocle Monocacy Monocle 2017-08-25Read More
In a new YouTube video posted by the Montgomery County Council, TROT leaders speak on camera about the value and enjoyment of trails (TROT interview section starts at 11:33).Read More