You, Your Horses, and Sunday Hunting!

You, Your Horses, and Sunday Hunting!

You, Your Horses, and Sunday Hunting!

A bill that would allow virtually year-round Sunday hunting of almost every species of game mammal and game bird has passed the Senate and moved over to the House. This bill (SB390), if it passes the House and is signed by the Governor, will become law. THIS MEANS IT IS VERY CLOSE TO PASSAGE, as the House is likely to approve it UNLESS THEY HEAR FROM YOU! 

If this bill passes for St. Mary’s, it will very likely come back next year to add additional nearby counties, such as Charles, Calvert and even PG and Anne Arundel.

You can read the text of the bill here: Language in bold type is what is being added to current law. Language in brackets is what is being deleted or changed elsewhere in the bill. 
The hearing on this bill has not yet been scheduled. We will let you know when it is – likely very soon. If you would like to go and testify or even if you just want to attend to show your interest, please let us know. The number of attendees at a hearing, even if they don’t speak, really does have an impact on the Committee members. 

Since this is a county specific bill, IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT LOCAL RESIDENTS COME TO TESTIFY; very little weight is given to others who come from outside the affected County. Contact MHC Exec. Director Carrie Hull at, if you can come to testify. WE NEED YOU!


Some tips – Keep your comments short (some information/talking points are below), and make sure you say so if you are a resident of St. Mary’s County.

Some comments you might consider making in your contact: Tell them if your activities or schedules are affected by the desire to avoid encountering hunters, and that you would like one day per week preserved for other users of the outdoors: trail riders (which are the largest group among Maryland riders), hikers, bird watchers, dog walkers, etc.

Share with them the info that shows what an important contribution horses and horse people make to Maryland’s economy (data sheet attached – feel free to share the data sheet with lawmakers and their staffs)
Don’t forget to tell them if you are in their district!
Delegate Kumar P. Barve (Chair)
Phone: 410-841-3990 | 301-858-3990
Delegate Dana Stein (Vice Chair)
Phone: 410-841-3527 | 301-858-3527
Delegate Carl Anderton, Jr.
Phone: 301-858-3431 | 410-841-3431
Delegate Pamela Beidle
Phone: 410-841-3370 | 301-858-3370
Delegate Alfred C. Carr, Jr.
Phone: 301-858-3638
Delegate Andrew Cassilly
Phone: 301-858-3444 | 410-841-3444
Delegate Jerry Clark
Phone: 410-841-3314 | 301-858-3314
Delegate Robert L. Flanagan
Phone: 410-841-3077 | 301-858-3077 | Toll-free in MD: 1-800-492-7122 ext. 3077
Delegate William G. Folden
Phone: 410-841-3240 | 301-858-3240 | Toll-free in MD: 1-800-492-7122 ext. 3240
Delegate David Fraser-Hidalgo
Phone: 410-841-3186 | 301-858-3186 | Toll-free in MD: 1-800-492-7122 ext. 3186
Delegate Barbara Frush
Phone: 410-841-3114 | 301-858-3114
Delegate Jim Gilchrist
Phone: 410-841-3744 | 301-858-3744
Delegate Anne Healey
Phone: 410-841-3961 | 301-858-3961  
Delegate Marvin Holmes
Phone: 410-841-3310 | 301-858-3310
Delegate Jay A. Jacobs
Phone: 410-841-3449
Delegate Jay Jalisi
Phone: 410-841-3358 | 301-858-3358
Delegate Tony Knotts
Phone: 410-841-3212 | 301-858-3212
Delegate Stephen W. Lafferty
Phone: 410-841-3487 | 301-858-3487
Delegate Robbyn Lewis
Phone: 410-841-3772 | 301-858-3772
Delegate Cory V. McCray
Phone: 410-841-3486 | 301-858-3486
Delegate Herb McMillan
Phone: 410-841-3211 | 301-858-3211  
Delegate Charles J. Otto
Phone: 410-621-0200
Delegate Shane Robinson
Phone: 410-841-3021 | 301-858-3021
Delegate William J. Wivell
Phone: 410-841-3447 | 301-858-3447
 You can find out more about each of these Delegates here: Click on each Delegates’s name and you will find a link to his/her bio.
Here is the Maryland Horse Industry economic impact information. Feel free to share widely, it’s a great story!

Thank you for your continued efforts!

Your Maryland Horse Council Legislative Committee