Trail Rides

Please come out to enjoy a TROT trail ride and consider leading a ride yourself!  TROT trail rides are fun and a great opportunity to learn new trails, meet other TROT members, and find a new trail riding buddy.  To lead a ride, contact our trail ride coordinator, Barbara Sollner-Webb.

To participate in a scheduled ride:

  • Contact the ride leader to sign-up and learn the ride’s starting time and other details.
  • If a ride is postponed or cancelled, the ride leader will notify you.
  • Check the TROT website and TROT and Maryland Trail Riders listservs for the most current ride information.
  • All ride participants:
    • Must wear helmets
    • Provide appropriate documentation of current negative Coggins test for the horse, in compliance with Maryland state law.
    • Be a TROT member – One-day TROT memberships are available at the ride for $5

If you need a ride to the event or can offer one, please email Barbara Sollner-Webb, so that this information can be included in an upcoming newsletter, or contact the ride leader.


Trail Maintenance

Anytime you are on a trail ride and if safe to do so, you can perform trail maintenance by clipping branches that impede passageway along a trail.  In addition, you can participate in scheduled trail maintenance days.

Amy Kimble is the TROT Adopt-A-Trail coordinator and she has challenged all TROT members to perform two hours of trail maintenance a year.  Please contact Amy for additional information about participating in trail maintenance activities.  She can be reached at 301-748-8310 or

Please report your trail work hours to Amy, who tracks this information for the state; these hours also help assess park usage.


Trail Work Day @ WSSC Rocky Gorge Trail
Apr 27 all-day

Trail Work Day. [Rain date: Saturday, May 4.] Last year, after the passing of the wonderful trail advocate and founding TROT member, Terry Ledley, we decided to do a yearly trail work session to honor Terry’s memory. And what better place than on the trail that Terry made and WSSC dedicated to her? We will break into small groups to be most efficient, and walk along the trail, pruning overgrowth for about two hours and then have a lunch at my house abutting the trail. Pruning tools will be provided. Please come to honor Terry!
  RSVP: Barbara Sollner-Webb (301-604-5619 or <>)

Trail Work Day @ Union Mills
Jun 22 all-day

Trail Work Day on horseback or on foot. You may have seen, or heard the destruction of trails that took place in 2018. Help restore the Union Mills equestrian trails back to its former glory.

Trail Work Day @ Gillis Falls
Sep 15 all-day

Trail Work Day. Show up and make your presence known. Together we can help this area become a safe haven for our trail riders, hikers, and bikers.

Trail Work Day @ Piney Run
Oct 19 all-day

Trail Work Day on horseback or on foot. Light lunch/pot luck provided.

Trail Work Day @ Union Mills
Nov 2 all-day

Trail Work Day on horseback or on foot. Don’t put your Halloween costume away yet! Dress you and/or your horse for a chance to win a prize for the best Halloween costume. Prize(s) will be distributed at the light lunch/pot luck provided at 1pm (after we work).