Nominate TROT Board Members by October 13th

Nominate TROT Board Members by October 13th

October 13, 2023 all-day

TROT is accepting nominations for the Executive Committee and Board of Directors for the years 2024-25. You may nominate yourself or another TROT member. Each nominee must be a member in good standing (current member) and 18 years of age or older.  The call for nominees starts September 15th and ends October 13th.

You may nominate yourself or another member for more than one position.  An application MUST be completed for each position.

TROT is currently accepting nominations for the following positions.
1.) Treasurer
2.) Secretary
4.) General Board positions (3 are vacant)

Terms for all Board positions are for two years, starting with the first Business Meeting of the new year.   The Board of Directors is composed of The Executive Committee (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary) and five (5) additional General Board positions for a total of nine (9) Board of Director members. TROT may operate with a minimum of 5 Board members up to a maximum of 9 Board members.  All Board of Director positions are member-elected.The following is a brief description of each Board position.  President:  presides at all TROT meetings, will represent TROT in negotiating contracts and subscriptions, and public announcements representing TROT’s position. This individual will also represent TROT in community partnerships, media communications and liaisons with county and/or state representatives.  Vice President: second signatory on TROT’s bank account and, in the absence of a President, assumes duties of the presidency until a nominee is elected. This individual will assist the president and act as a backup, as needed.Secretary: assists the President in preparing meeting agendas, taking attendance, and responding to correspondence. This individual writes and distributes meeting minutes and retains all TROT associated documents in an archive. The Secretary will  prepare membership voting documents.Treasurer: maintains a permanent record of revenue, expenses and income, manages and reconciles all accounts, preparation of TROT’s annual budget to be presented at the first board meeting for approval, issues reimbursement of approved expenses, verifies and makes deposits,  prepares and files TROT’s annual taxes, prepares a monthly financial report for each business meeting and end-of-year annual report.General Board Members: provides support, assistance, guidance, and expertise concerning decisions relevant to TROT’s affairs in keeping with TROT’s mission.