MD General Assembly in Session – Jan-April

MD General Assembly in Session – Jan-April

TROT is reviewing the following legislation.

Horse or Trail Related

State Wide: Right to Ride – SB 345/HB 116
State Wide: Great Maryland Outdoors Act – SB 541
Maryland the Beautiful Act- trust for buying property for conservation purposes – SB 791/ HB 1031
Horse Riding- Helmet Requirements for minors law – HB713
Fair Hill Improvement Fund – 1.8 million to the special event area – HB 658/SB 538
DNR tenants must maintain a border to allow access to trail heads – SB 86
State Finance – Prohibited Appropriations – Magnetic Levitation Transportation System (MAGLEV) SB 359/HB 326

Sunday Hunting or Hunting Related

Calvert – HB 170/SB 220
Caroline – HB 631
Charles – HB 514/SB 388
Montgomery – HB 485
Prince George -SB 233/ HB 874
Queen Anne’s – HB 586/SB 342
Somerset – HB 143/SB 98
Talbot – HB 51/SB 140
Worcester Co. Turkey Hunting – HB 672
State Wide: Deer Management Permits change in Firearms to be used – HB 497/SB 497
State Wide: Sunday Hunting, Migratory Game Birds – SB 160
Recreation on Private Land- hunters to take responsibility for all liability, and leave land owner harmless- HB 956/ SB 582
Nighttime Hunting- DCP or ADCP permit holders will be allowed to hunt at night with the use of lights – HB 1067- Hearing 3/2

Agritourism or Agriculturally Related

Queen Anne’s Agritourism – SB 489
State Wide: Agritourism; Camping/Incidental Stays – SB 296/HB 586
State Wide: Agritourism, add special events and occasions to definition of agritourism – HB 673/SB 538
State Wide: Agritourism and special occasions – SB 538/HB 673
Funding for Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission – SB 378
Local Governments- Urban Agricultural Incentive Zones – HB 156
Real Property- Nuisance Actions- Rodent Harborage- no exception for barns or meadows – HB 263
Urban Agricultural Incentive Zones – HB 156
Right to Repair- Consumer Protection – HB 562
Agricultural Water and Power Infrastructure Grants – HB 855
Winery and Vineyard Grants – HB 1395/SB 86
Grading and Sediment Control Plans- HB 1415

Animal Related

Animal Abuse or Neglect- Penalties – HB1420/ SB 672
Unattended Dogs- Extreme Weather- SB44/HB 16
Petition for Costs for Care if Seized Animals – HB 1062/SB 877