The Potomac Horse Center is Closing!

The Potomac Horse Center is Closing!

April 30, 2024

Dear Potomac Horse Center Community,

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing the permanent closing of Potomac Horse Center (PHC),
effective Monday, July 22, 2024. PHC is planning for lessons to continue uninterrupted through June
16th, which is the last day of our Late Spring session. Unfortunately, we are unable to hold camp. Should PHC need to adjust this timeline we will let you know.

Since 2017, PHC has tried to renegotiate its 1993 lease with the Maryland-National Capital Parks and
Planning Commission (M-NCPPC). The tipping point in the negotiations was M-NCPPC’s insistence that
the renewal of the lease was contingent on PHC raising three to five million dollars to improve
M-NCPPC’s infrastructure with no assurances that PHC would be permitted to remain on the property.
PHC simply cannot ask our clients to pay for and invest in a rapidly deteriorating infrastructure that PHC
does not own.

The terms of our 1993 lease are unsustainable under current economic conditions. PHC pays M-NCPPC
monthly base rent for use of the facilities plus a percentage of PHC’s net and gross incomes.
Additionally, PHC pays for Capital Improvements, repairs and maintenance of M-NCPPC’s property.
The income from our lesson program also has to go to veterinary care, farrier services, hay and grain for
the horses, utilities, payroll, insurance, farm equipment maintenance, fuel, and tack. It has become
nonviable for our programs to cover the increasingly higher and higher costs of the rapidly aging
infrastructure, let alone allow PHC to build up the three to five million dollars required by M-NCPPC to
proceed with negotiations.

On June 17, 2024, all assets, including our beloved school horses, are available for sale to approved
homes, by appointment only. Starting immediately, prospective buyers can come to try the horses and see everything we have for sale. The horses and equipment needed for daily use will remain on the property through June 16th. However, individuals may immediately purchase all other assets including surplus tack and farm equipment. PHC will accept cash or certified funds only. PHC will not accept personal checks or be able to arrange payment plans.

The Potomac Horse Center main number will not be fielding sales calls or making appointments. For
inquiries, please call (240) 614-3834.

With sincere appreciation,
Nancy Novograd