Horse Industry Grant Work June 4th and 5th

Horse Industry Grant Work June 4th and 5th

As reported in the last newsletter, through a grant from the Maryland Horse Industry Board, TROT, in collaboration with the

Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission (MNCPPC) and Potomac Bridle and Hiking Trails Association

(PBHTA), will be working to improve bridges at one of the favorite equestrian trail systems in Montgomery County, Little Bennett

Regional Park, by adding a non-slip surface to dangerously slippery bridge sections. Little Bennett is unique in that it offers one of

the few horse trailer camping sites in Maryland (sites TROT helped to lay out years ago), and it is enjoyed by many equestrian

riders. Now is time for caring TROT members to volunteer to actually do the work, to make the bridge crossings safe for all.

Specifically, we will be painting a non-slip surface on two bridges at Little Bennett that get slippery from not drying fully under

the tree canopy. This is a pilot program that might be copied throughout the state if successful. The job will be simply to prep the

area, paint half the bridge one day and the other half the next day (so park users can still pass by). We are looking for volunteers.

We will make the work fun and will play a trivia game while we work, where each location competes against the others for a

prize at lunch (which is being provided to the volunteers). We will also have a prize for the group or barn who brings the most

people to the workday.

Afterwards, enjoy a relaxing lunch at the Browning Run parking field.

Bring chairs or picnic blankets and meet fellow equestrians. A simple lunch

will be provided by PBHTA.

DATE: June 4 and 5 (rain-date June 11/12)



LOCATION: Little Bennett Regional Park, Clarksburg, Maryland

[There will be two groups at Browning Run Trail Head Parking.]

Please RSVP in advance, and volunteer for one or two days. RSVP

to <>.

CONTACT ON WORK DAYS: Christina Micek – Cell: 617-435-1187.